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April 11, 2016
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The CAN-AM Spyder # 2 – How to Build Your Own Dream

In this instalment of our up-close look at the CAN-AM Spyder, we will be looking at what is important to the rider in making the Spyder the ideal motorcycle for them. These ideas are all shared between the 4 models classes which are Sport, Sport Cruising, Sport Touring and Touring.

Touring: Spyder RT

Sport: Spyder RS-S

Sport Cruising: Spyder F3

Sport Touring: Spyder ST-S

To begin, the proper fit and feel of a CAN-AM Spyder is essential.  As with any motorcycle, if you are comfortable while riding it the chances of you pulling it out of the garage on the next sunny day are far greater then they are if you don’t feel confident atop your machine.  With this in mind, CAN-AM created the U-FIT system with allows the rider to tweak and adjust certain components of the motorcycle allowing a person to fully connect with their ride. These adjustable components include handlebars, linkages and footboards among others. When you are comfortable and confident on the machine, enjoyment is sure to follow.

Also check out BRP’s outlining the 4U system.

The second element to comfort on the Spyder’s list of important features is “U-Function”, which takes the U-Fit concept to the next level.  While adjustments of standard components are necessary to achieve the most ergonomic and comfortable seating position, added accessories can further enhance that feeling.  Designed for both passengers and riders, optional add-ons include seats/backrests, windshields/deflectors, bags/storage & lights/electrics.    The components are both easy to add and remove, depending on where your trip may be taking you that day.  These add on features make the Spyder one of the most malleable motorcycles on the market.  For further questions on these types of options talk to any of our knowledgeable sales or parts staff.

Now that we have determined how to be comfortable getting to our destination, there is always the secret desire to want to look cool in the process.  Third up in the Spyder’s options is what they refer to as “U-Style”.  Simply put it is the personalization of your CAN-AM Spyder which speaks volumes about who you are.  These customization accessories allow you to express yourself through your machine and help create the “WOW” factor that passersby notice immediately.  When you are looking to make some changes to your motorcycle’s appearance, be certain to check out all of the model specific available custom accessory options.

Last, but certainly not least, is U-Performance.  For some the Spyder is already a beautifully performing machine, however, there are some out there that want more from their ride.  Much like it’s two-wheeled cousin, the Spyder’s handling and performance can be tweaked by modifying  the suspension, changing the exhaust and “tuning the electronics”  With a few of these performance-boosting accessories, you can unleash the untapped power and handling of your CAN-AM making your journey the most exiting it can possibly be.

You can also check out some of these options on the CAN-AM website by clicking here.

In the next posting, we will be looking at the 4 model classes which are Sport, Sport Cruising, Sport Touring and Touring and what differentiates them from each other

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