The Ottawa Goodtime Centre will be hosting the “12 Spots of Summer”, a scavenger hunt for motorcycle enthusiasts. We will be posting 12 images throughout the summer, each in a different location (within a 2 hours radius of Ottawa), with a hint to go along. The game will be based on a point system, and the contestant with the highest points will WIN a set of tires & installation for their motorcycle.

Contestants who re-post image will receive 1 point, those who identify the location will receive 3 points, and those who take a picture with their motorcycle in front of the same location will receive 5 points. The purpose of this scavenger hunt is to get out and get riding!

Point System

1 Point = Re-share the post either on Facebook or Instagram
3 Points = Identify the location & send us a private message
5 Points = Take a picture in the same location with your motorcycle


1st Prize = New set of tires for your motorcycle!
The next top 10 contestants will receive Ottawa Goodtime Centre sunglasses


  1. To qualify for 1 “re-share” point, you must take a screen shot and send us a message. (We cannot see everyone that re-posts due to some users privacy settings)
  2. To qualify for 3 points for naming the location, you must send us a message with the answer.
  3. To qualify for 5 points by taking a picture with your motorcycle in the same location, you must tag the Ottawa Goodtime Centre and NOT reveal the location.
  4. The contest will be over at the end of August, and the points will be calculated 1 week after the last image is revealed.
  5. Since the contest will come to a wrap closer to the end of the season, the contest prizes will not expire.


If you don’t have social media, send your answers to:

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Top Contestants

1. Scott G
2. Jean-Christian & Nathalie
3. Ben S
4. Laurienne
5. Pierre P


36 Points
26 Points
16 Points
14 Points
12 Points