Adventure Off-Road Training Course

For the first time ever, the Ottawa Goodtime Centre is hosting an off-road riding course for all of our adventure and dual purpose riders!

Sunday June 23, 2019
Bourget, ON
$249.95 + tax

You are invited to join us for a fun and informative day with other adventure enthusiasts. This course is designed for multi-level riders, with the purpose of broadening your expertise in better decision making, analyzing dangerous situations, smooth clutch and gas control and more overall confidence. The instructors guiding this course are certified by BMW International Instructor Academy in Germany.
There are limited spaces for this event, and we want to make sure we will be seeing you. Owning a motorcycle with off-road capabilities allows you to explore much more than the average rider, and we are excited to provide this course for you.

Only 25 spaces available!

To register for this course, please email

A little bit of what will be taught in the course:

• Emergency braking with ABS and without ABS

• Full lock turning

• Parallel Log crossing

• Understanding different type of ground

( Mud , Sand , Gravel etc.)

• How to engage to go up and down a hill

• Ideal position on the bike

• Technic how to lift up the bike from the ground

 What you will need:

•  Minimum class M2 license

•  6 months of motorcycle experience regardless of model

•  Required equipment (helmet, coat, pants, boots, gloves, glasses)

•  Your own dual purpose motorcycle

All dual-purpose bikes welcome!