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Pat’s New Bike – A Day at Calabogie

In my last post I had mention that I really wanted to get another ride on a Vulcan S and the opportunity came on June 3rd 2015. In 2014 and 2015 Kawasaki was running what they called the Ninja Experience at different race tracks across the country. This year 2015 they had decided to add to the line up any bike that shared the Ninja 650 power plant. Added to the line up was the Versys, the ER-6N and wait for it " the VULCAN S".

So very early June 3rd my co-worker Pat Gosson and myself drove up to Calabogie Race Track. We were joined by Brad, Bruce and Les. They had it set it up so that Kawasaki Dealers could ride in the morning and the public could sign up for the afternoon. We had a huddle where they explained how and what the track looked like and how follow the lines. I was surprised when we where suited up and we saw the track and I realized that there were no painted lines. It was explained to me that cones at the side of the track where set so you could get an idea of where you should aim the bike (or follow the lines). Ok I"ll try it.

I did 4 sessions, I certainly wasn't fastest and I always got left behind and the chase bike always had to stayed with me so I could finish the session, but that wasn't why I was there. I learned a lot, no I didn't scrap any pegs or put my knee down, but I did accomplish what I wanted to do and that was take the bike in some very sharp corners. And it loves corners, nice and tight, no this doesn't handle like a cruiser, now I have to order one!

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