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Our New/Favourite Products – Shoei GT-Air

If you've been riding for any length of time you'll start to pick up on all of those little things that can really turn a ride sour after a small amount of time in the saddle. With a Helmet there are three big little things: comfort, weight, and wind-noise. Luckily for us riders Shoei has the answer to all of those problems in the GT-Air helmet.
When I first started riding my helmet was just a simple beginner lid. It was polycarbonate, had a drop-down sun visor, and was lower down in the price range. I'd recommend it to new riders, however there were a few issues. The helmet in question was loud, even above a measly 70km/h, to the point were I was forced to either use earplugs or not ride at all. Its aerodynamics were not awful, but after an hour and a half of riding from Manotick to Kemptville at just above the speed limit my shoulders and neck were sore and I just couldn't wait to finish the ride. Comfort and fogging were also a big issue, and my poor glasses just would not fit nicely inside or comfortably. Contrast that to the GT-Air and the difference is, to be a little cliche, night and day.
Another element which is significantly affected by aerodynamics is the effect of wind noise. You will get a small amount of it, however the three different shell sizes are designed to completely eliminate those levels which find their way into the helmet and cause those headaches that the vast majority of us have felt. I don't personally enjoy riding with earplugs, and after a three to four hour journey into the Gatineau hills or zipping along on the 417 I still had no hint of a wind-induced head ache.
The Shoei GT-Air really is a fantastic piece of kit whether you're riding an 2016 R1200GS, 1986 Ninja 1000R, or even your choice of Harley Davidson cruiser. It's cool, it's quiet, it's light, and most importantly it lets you get back to doing what just wanted to do all along, enjoy the ride.



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