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April 11, 2016
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Our New/Favourite Products: Kriega Luggage

 Kriega Luggage

Formulated by motorcyclist, for motorcyclists, Kriega’s luggage line of bike packs, backpacks, and motorcycle accessories perfectly balances craftsmanship, durability, and style. Designed in England, Kriega’s 100% waterproof patent and 10 year guarantee warranty, makes this line a no-brainer for all your motorcycling needs. Unlike any other company, Kriega products offer a range of styles from backpacks, waist packs, bike packs, hydration packs, messenger bags and more.



Their selection of rider backpacks use a QUADLOCK harness design: adjustable back length kreiga harnessand total arm freedom. This technology allows for the most comfortable and functional fitting backpack for being in a riding position.

R25_backprotector_zoom__44070_1353079620_900_1105Kriega’s backpacks also use HYPALON, an abrasion resistant re-enforcement material. As well as a back protector insert option for the R25, R30, and R35 models, for an added safety bonus.







Models Available In Store:


R20: Available in store for $208.00+tax


R25: Available in store for $264.00+tax


R30: Available in store for $334.00+tax

*All prices are the same world wide* (Benefit of in-store warranty when purchasing at Ottawa Goodtime Center)

Bike Packs: Dry Packs

Kriega’s Dry Packs are a 100% waterproof, universal tail pack system for any motorcycle. Ranging from 5 liters to 30liters (with some combo packs exceeding 70 liters), these tail bags offer a unique modular system that allows you to attach the separate bags together for up to 90 liters of useful storage on most bikes.

kriega combo

The dry packs are effortless to hook onto any bike. Their system is easy to fit with quick-release hooks attached to loops which are secured to any bikes’ sub-frame. Not only do these bags work well as a tail packs, but they also can function as tank bags (with an optional additional purchase of a tank converter). With the inclusion of waist and shoulder straps, the bags are also able to be removed and carried with you.Capture

                                                                                                             DryPack Tank Converter

                                                                                                                   Price: $49.00+tax


“Great functional bags that are easy to install and take with me if I have to!” – Isabel Fowles (Ottawa Goodtime Center Accessories Manager).

Models Available In Store:


US5 (5 litres capacity): Available in store for $91.00+tax


US10 (10 litres capacity):Available in store for $138.00+tax


US20 (20 litres capacity):Available in store for $194.00+tax

US 30

US30 (30 litres capacity): Available in store for $236.00+tax

*All prices are the same world wide* (Benefit of in-store warranty when purchasing at Ottawa Goodtime Center)

Ottawa Goodtime Center prides itself on keeping store stock fully equipped with all things Kriega! Stop by the store on 450 West Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, to ask our accessory sales associates about the various backpack, dry packs, and other bike accessories Kriega has to offer.

newpp-146x146Written By Tera Bruinmsa,
Ottawa Goodtime Centre Accessories Sale Associate



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