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Our New/Favourite Products: Forma Boots

From the street to the dirt (or track), from professionals to beginners; Forma has the perfect line-up of boots to cover any rider’s needs. Designed in Italy and fabricated in Romania, these fully European boots are the perfect balance between top of the line quality, functionality, and style.


OutDry® Technology

OutDry® is Forma’s patent waterproofing technology. The membrane is firmly bonded to the inside of the upper portion of the boot. In competitor and non-Forma boots, the waterproof membranes are not typically bonded, which allows moisture, water, or dirt to get in-between the layers. This causes a lack of breathability and can possibly create a negative impact on the construction of the boot overall. However, the OutDry® technology, allows for a more sound, comfortable, and breathable wear.

Cape Horn


Forma’s Cape Horn is best noted for three features: being protective, being comfortable (on and off the bike) and keeping your feet dry using Forma’s OutDry® technology. Perfect for long trips or short ones, on or off the beaten path, whatever your preference. The fit is very true to size as well. Similar to the sole of a running shoe, you won’t find a boot that is as comfortable, functional, and reasonably priced as the Cape Horn.

  • The Cape Horn is available at Ottawa Goodtime Center for $399.99 + tax (10% off for the month of July 2016)




Adventure/Adventure Lowadvenlowboot

adventurebootThe Adventure boot is perfect for just that, adventure riding. Designed with the comfortability and flexibility of a street boot, but with the protection of an off road boot, the Adventure is the perfect match for a rider with the lust for exploration. Also using Forma’s OutDry® tech and vintage leather exterior, this boot is both functional and stylish. The double density sole also allows great grip on the bike, but also ensures a snug fit for better control when on escapades through the mountains or on the trails.

  • The Adventure is available at Ottawa Goodtime Centre for $379.99 +tax (10% off for the month of July 2016)
  • Adventure Low is available for $329.99 +tax

Terraterra boots

The Terra is the perfect cross over between regular riding boots that just doesn’t hold up in rigorous terrain and MX boots that may be a little too stiff or heavy to wear everyday. Dual-sport riders will definitely appreciate the details put into the Terra that make it stand out from other dual-sport boots. Waterproof, ankle/shin protection, anti-bacterial replaceable foot beds, double density sole, and indestructible alloy buckles are just a few of the aspects that make this boot top notch. For more information on this incredible boot, ask an accessories sales associate at the Goodtime Centre.

  • The Terra is available at Ottawa Goodtime Centre for $459.99+tax (10% off for the month of July 2016)


Forma’s simpler touring boot is a nice addition to the lineup. More suited for the easy rider, it still has all the amazing features Forma prides itself on. Although it does not use Forma’s OutDry technology, the boot still has a drytex liner to guarantee your feet with stay nice and dry. As well as having the proper support and ankle protection, anti-slip sole, and antibacterial foot beds, this boot as all the detail that any Forma wearer knows and loves.


  • The Valley is available at Ottawa Goodtime Centre for $269.99+tax (10% off for the month of July 2016)



Written By Tera Bruinmsa,
Ottawa Goodtime Centre Accessories Sale Associate




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