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The Can-Am Spyder – OGC’s Newest Bike Brand

The Can-Am Spyder - OGC's Newest Bike Brand

So what the heck is a BRP CAN-AM Spyder?  My first sighting of these interesting vehicles was passing them on my way to the cottage. At first I thought they were skidoos on wheels and up until July of last year (2015), I had never had the opportunity to really see one up close.  It was when they actually hit the floor at Ottawa Goodtime Centre that I had a chance to really appreciate how truly unique and innovative they were.
Three wheel motorcycles are not a new concept. After a little research, I found two examples of “motorcycles” with two wheels in the back and a single front wheel. ("motorcycles" exists in quotations because a strong argument can be made that at least one of these two vehicles definitely doesn't fall into the "motorcycle" category);   The first, on the left, is the Honda Gyro Cargo Scooter, which, for some reason, I can't look at without picturing Mr.Bean in the drivers seat.  The second, on the right, is a random police vehicle which appears to be a small step up from the Segway, a two-wheeled vehicle arguably made famous by the TV show Arrested Development.  Fortunately the BRP Spyder in no way resembles these vehicles. (Thank goodness or my interest in writing about them would have dropped off significantly after my google search).
With the two wheels located in the front of the machine, coupled with sleek aerodynamic bodywork, the Spyder is a highly developed road touring machine that can be ridden on any roads and for long periods of time.  Bombardier, the manufacturer, officially launched the 'roadster' (AKA CAN-AM Spyder) in February of 2007.  By 2015, they had delivered 100,000 machines, mainly in North America, but never to a dealer in Ottawa. In July of 2015 that all changed as the first of CAN-AM's flagships landed on the showroom floor at the Ottawa Goodtime Centre. I honestly expected to be underwhelmed (similar to the feeling I seem to get when I watch yet ANOTHER super hero movie that over promises and under delivers), but my first impressions of the machines were that they looked... cool!  Sleek lines, big tires, and a little bit of a mean look about them (but a nice mean, if that makes sense?).

Showroom CAN-AM Spyder F3

Showroom Spyder 8

Showroom CAN-AM Spyder RSS

Showroom Spyder 5
Having only ever ridden machines that ran on two or four wheels, these three wheeled vehicles were a brand new experience waiting to happen for me and I tried to picture myself riding one! Immediately a number of questions popped into my head.... What would it be like to ride one? How would they handle in a corner? Did I need a car or motorcycle license? Is it a family vehicle? What kind of gear should I wear while riding one? How comfortable are they to ride? What does the BRP stand for? How many models are there and which model would I like best? Is it a winter vehicle? What are the comparable vehicles on the market? How big, exactly, are those rims/tires? I've heard there is a trunk... is this true? Is it standard or automatic transmission?  
Some of these questions might seem silly but I genuinely do not know the answers yet... Over the next few months, I will answer all of these questions, and many more, as we take a more in-depth look at this truly remarkable motorcycle.

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