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Why the Vulcan S Interested Me!


” Pat you should see this bike, you’d love it”


In October of 2014 Jason Thoms called me from the Dealers Motorcycle Show in Florida. ” Pat you should see this bike, you’d love it” Kawasaki has come up with a great idea. Intrigued,  I looked up what info and pictures that were available. Jason also brought back printed material, because the bike hadn’t been released yet.



Headlight VUlcan S

I have to say that at first look I thought the head light looked funny, not what you would traditionally see on a cruiser. I had mentioned that in my last post that I am not a cruiser type person. After looking at the spec and realizing it had the Ninja 650 engine was a 120 lbs lighter than the Vulcan 900 and had 5 more horsepower, I became even more interested.

When first bike arrived and was set up for Reduced Reach, I became less sceptical. The bike was  narrow for a cruiser, the handlebars were narrow as well. As one of my co-worker balanced the bike so I could but my feet on the peg, I realized that my legs weren’t stretched out like all other cruisers.

The fit was good, now I just had to ride one…..


My first very short opportunity came in May of 2015. All our Vulcan S had been sold. When the customer picks up their unit, one of our technicians preps and inspects the bike this includes  short ride, to make sure it’s riding well. I asked if I could do the final ride.

If you like the bup-bup-bup of a V twin you will be disappointed, it’s nice and quiet, which is what I like. My concern was cornering and handling, the first corner I was hooked. It hugged the corner just like my street bike.

Ok so how do I get another ride?

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